Dating & Relationships

Breaking Up and Moving On

After my recent breakup earlier this year, jumping back into the dating pool could not have felt more right. My relationship had dried up and we weren’t moving forward or growing any stronger. We were stagnant and after while it eventually no longer felt much like a relationship. I didn’t go through much of a period of sadness and I didn’t even cry. We had just returned from a vacation together, we didn’t fight or argue but there wasn’t much love. It was sad to come to the realization that it was time to breakup, but we would have been lying to each other about the condition of our relationship. After a couple of days I was ready to move on and start seeing other people. Feeling pretty confident and in a good place with myself, I was back online as a single lady in the city within a couple of days.

There were a lot of ups and downs between me and my ex, so how we managed to last for as long as we did is beyond me. We had broken up twice before and each time we reunited we discussed our feelings but our relationship never grew stronger. The night of our breakup had a feeling for being final (little did I know – another post to come), and although at the very moment I felt upset, I didn’t cried after he left. In a way I always knew that the end of our relationship was inevitable, but the relationship brought me a lot of personal insight.

Years ago when my high school boyfriend of two years and I broke up, I cried for weeks straight. My mom told me that although I hurt now and that I felt like I had wasted so much of my time that it was all a learning experience, and that I needed to be with him to make myself smarter and stronger for my future relationships. This was the single best piece of advice. It’s made me more accepting of situations and given me the ability to bounce back to my normal self, knowing that the world does not stop when you do.

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