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Living the Swipe Life

How are we to control if our soulmate hasn’t yet broken up with their on-again-off-again hot but controlling and protective girlfriend/boyfriend?

When you enter into your late twenties you start realizing that certain aspects of your life won’t quite turn out how you imagined they would when you were younger. For some aspects, like your career, there are more variables that are within your control. Put in the hard work in school and at your job, and you should recoup a fine reward. However, an aspect like our relationship status has fewer controlled variables, yet it is one of the aspects that we dream about regularly growing up.

How are we to control if our soulmate hasn’t yet broken up with their on-again-off-again hot but controlling and protective girlfriend/boyfriend? (People: learn to let go!)

When I was in my early twenties I imagined that my relationship status when I was twenty-eight wouldn’t be single. Is this not how any woman who has reached past their mid-twenties is allowed to feel? We have friends that are getting engaged left and right, family members who ask us why we never bring anyone around, and parents who taunt us with their desire for grandchildren. Inside they’re literally chanting, “We want grandchildren! And when do we want them? NOW.”

Ultimately though I don’t even mind being single. Dating has provided me with a huge source of entertainment. The possibilities are endless, it’s like clicking though the television channels at your parent’s house, there’s a thousand channels, most of them are garbage, but there’s a handful that are worth your while. That’s essentially how popular mobile dating apps are. When living in the city, you have hundreds of potential matches to swipe through. You may even swipe right on a garbage person, but you won’t know until you start the conversation.

In 2017, I’ve become more lax with my dating approach and taking it all in stride rather that than sourcing my dating app as a basic necessity to my existence. Having a dating app on our mobile phones provides us with a direct connection to people who could possibly be the person that we’ve been dreaming up in our minds our entire lives. But now that I am basically borderline a serial dater, I’ve come to the realization that too many of us are spending way too much time on our phones looking for connections. Rather than striking a long conversation with someone, I much rather get to the point now. Typically after my standard two questions, I have a sense whether or not I want to meet that person in real life. I am not interested in carrying week long conversations with someone just to be shuttered in disappointment when there’s something about that person that makes me completely disinterested. Stop wasting your time with your pen pal, get out there and meet, don’t fall down that rabbit hole.


  1. I think it’s important that these people who are online “talking” but not actually dating. Don’t be a wuss and get out there. What’s the point of wasting you’re unlimited text messages ?


    1. I totally get it though too. I’ve gotten sucked into the texting trap my fare share and some of those “relationships” even lasted a while too. But meeting in person is WAY more fun then texting your “SOS”. If after 2 weeks you haven’t made plans or talked about plans that person is practically imaginary.

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