Mastering Mini-Trips – Packing

I’m going to do a few posts on mastering mini-trips, these are your weekend trips and quick destination trips that range from 2-4 days.  My first post is going to be on packing and will help you make sure that you have all the essentials but don’t look absurd bringing everything you own with you. 

Packing for mini-trips, a no brainer, simple task, right? Perhaps yes, perhaps not so much. However, if you’re reading this, you’re looking for some tips on how to master the art of packing for weekend trips and/or mini-trips.  Here are my simple tips to mastering the art of packing for short mini-trips. 

Tip 1: Choose a color scheme for your trip’s wardrobe.   Selecting pieces that complement each other is a safe bet; ensuring you plenty of options.  Choose items for their versatility over items that will limit your options. A common color theme will allow to create different combinations.  Being able to mix and match,  creating different combinations of outfits, is necessary if you plan on taking part in several activities over the course of the day, and for going from day wear to night wear.  The easiest way to do this is to stick with neutrals – your whites, blacks, and beiges.  You can’t go wrong with neutrals they’re simple and are more timeless than any other color.  If you need some color, try to stick with one base color rather than several.   

Tip 2: Use a bag that has been designed with travel in mind, a proper weekender bag or carry-on luggage will do best.  A bag that is designed for traveling has many advantages over using a tote or large purse for traveling.  Bags designed with travel in mind provide the proper pockets and shape to fit your trips needs.  Weekender bags usually come with multiple pockets of varying sizes outfitted for different purposes (i.e. electronics, toiletries, etc.), with/without zippers, and both internal and external.  A tote or large purse will more likely wrinkle your clothing and certain items will get buried toward the bottom of your bag, making it difficult to find things conveniently.   Also, travel bags are most likely waterproof, ensuring your items stay dry in the event you get caught in some rain.  But if you’re in a pinch and need to use a tote or large purse, I recommend using small bags or Ziploc bags to organize and group items together. Ziploc bags will also make sure your items stay dry in the event your bags gets wet or serves as extra protection if something is leaking inside of your toiletry bag.    

Tip 3: Plan for the weather.  Although weather predictions can change, it is better to be prepared.  So check the weather while your packing and check again before you’re ready to leave.  If the forecast predicts rain, at the very least pack an umbrella. Better safe than sorry.

Last time I packed for weekend in NY which was only a few weeks ago, the weatherman was predicting a hurricane storm.  And all up on the causeway were notices of high winds and rain but legit nothing happened.  So you really never know and that just goes to show to plan for the worse and the best.

Tip 4:  Pack appropriately – if you know that you’re going to the zoo, the art museum, doing sightseeing or going to a specific event be sure to dress appropriately.  If you’re going to be doing a lot of walking during the day be sure to pack your sneakers. 

Tip5 : If you’re not sure what your plans are for your visit have that conversation with your friend and even ask what they plan on wearing.  I do that with my friend all the time and its just good to know.  Sometimes I do just throw in a basic dress and heels that I’ll be comfortable in just in case.   

If you’re going to a new town, do your research ahead of time on what the best attractions are.  Do a google search on the town, call the hotel, or even check to see if anyone you know has been there before and can tell you what its like and what to check out. 

Tip 5:  Choose accessories that can take your outfit from day to night.  Sometimes a simply change of the accessories can upgrade your simple day time outfit into night time.  These would be any statement jewelry pieces.  So your white tee and jeans outfit can go from simple to chic real easily but just switching up the accessories.  For guys, you’re equivalent would be a nice pair of dress shoes and socks that you can switch to for going out in the evening.

Tip 6: Make a check list, they are everything.  Isn’t annoying when you spent so much time asking yourself if you have everything you need only to realize once its too late that you forgot something.  If this happens to you, there is no sense in worrying, hopefully its not a big deal.  If its a toothbrush or deodorant you can easily pick these up at a drug store.  But to avoid this, make a travel check-list that you keep as a note on your phone or have on file somewhere for you to always refer to. Make a list of items that you use on a daily basis or 2-3 day basis.  Save this list in your phone so you can refer to it in the future.

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