Escaping to San Juan, Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico is easily accessible and convenient for those living in the United States.  There is no passport needed, a four hour flight from the Northeast, and the best part is that there are direct flights.  It’s a beautiful island and there are a ton of activities to choose from.  I only got to a few activities, so I can defiantly see myself visiting there again sometime soon. 

On day one, we traveled to the El Yunque National Forest.  It was about an hour and a half from the city.  The forest itself is beautiful and practically untouched.  Defiantly commit to a full day for this activity, it is so worth it you don’t want to limit your time here.

I suggest talking with your hotel’s concierge to make sure you book the right tour.  The tour I booked took us through the visitor’s area inch by inch and the tour guide’s jokes got old too quickly.  Basically, do not book the tour with moderate physical activity unless you are not physically able to.  My friend and I felt a restless because we spent more time looking and listening than walking/exploring.  We actually received a verbal punishment by our tour guide for climbing up the waterfall, but there were about 20 other people form another tour that were all over it and being encouraged by their tour guides  to take photos up there. So just a little warning to not et the concierge use scare tactics on you to go for the “easy” 4-hour tour.  I highly suggest the longer one, those tours looked a million times more fun.


On day two, was the day we did the catamaran.  This was by far the best decision we made all trip.  It was relaxing day spent on the catamaran and snorkeling.  The crew of the Spread Eagle II were incredible and made they trip as fun as possible. Food and drinks were provided to everyone on board throughout the day.  I want to say that there were maybe 15 people also on board with us, but it didn’t feel over crowded at all because the catamaran was so big.  They took us around to a few different spots, and overall I highly recommend. 


On our final full day, we headed over to the colorful streets of Old San Juan.  What a fun little town, there has to be hundreds of little shops and boutiques scattered throughout this town.  We found a couple of good ones that we made purchases in, but mainly just explored the ins and outs and stopped into a couple of coffee shops.  While you’re in Old San Juan, make it a must-do one your lists to visit the two forts, Castillo de San Cristobal and Fort San Cristobal.  I think it was $7 for both and it just worth it mainly for the ocean views and exploring the ins and outs of an old fort.  After we explored both forts we were famished and headed over to El Jubarita and ordered the Puerto Rican cuisine, mofongo, per a colleagues recommendation whose family is from Puerto Rico.  Mofongo is a plantain dish that you choose your meat/vegetable to be cooked with, and it is delicious.  It defiantly beat our expectations.

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