NASHVILLE: Must Eats and More

Nashville has been growing in popularity so much so that its urban growth can barely support the demand; hotels are limited and there isn’t yet a large convention space.  It’s a small urban town with a lot of great perks and I highly recommend you to add it to your list of places if you haven’t yet visited.  For a three day trip to Nashville my friends and I covered most of the bases.  Here are the highlights of places to see and go eat.

For Hot Chicken: Hattie B’s

Had to wait in line for roughly 20 minutes, but was worth the wait.  When you order the fried chicken, you order either a small/large portion in white or dark or a full chicken and they come with two sides.  For the chicken, you choose your preferred spice according to the level of spicy/hotness you can handle.  I went with medium, but wish I went up one level.  I don’t have a huge tolerance for spice, but think I could have handled something a little hotter.  In addition to sticking with the fried chicken on the menu, I also recommend ordering a sweet tea.  The atmosphere of this place reminded me of a diner.

For BBQ: Martin’s Bar-B-Que Joint


Get anything BBQ from Martin’s.  I ordered the wings, but everything that was coming out of their kitchen looked absolutely delicious.  My and my friend’s meals looked so delicious that we completely spaced on getting a photo which we had been trying to do with every meal we were having to mess with a foodie friend of ours back home.

For Family Style: The Farm House

Um… we ordered a ton of food and shared it, but it looked so good when it came out that our reaction was to dig in so I didn’t get very good photos of the food but trust me it was delicious.  My recommendation is to get the quail, brisket, corn bread, and pecan pie.

For Food and Fun: ACME

For a low key music spot worth checking out, go to Benchmark.  It’s really a hole in a wall place.  We had already ate at Acme earlier before heading here, but stumbled across this place.  The atmosphere was cozy, there’s tufted leather booths and bar stools that made it sort of rustic feeling.

For a hyped up place, check out Tootsies.  This place had some really good musicians performing and I wanted to stay but it was WAY too crowded.  There was no room in any of the rooms and they really should have charged a cover to maybe help with that issue.  So unless you got there early enough to claim a good spot tucked away in a table area, you’ll be standing in the crowd where people are trying to maneuver around you.  We didn’t stay long enough to order a drink, I can’t image that being an easy task.


Hollywood Boulevard

This is the hot spot area in the heart of Nashville, TN.  Lots of bars and restaurants and shops to check out.  Bars I went to were Benchmark, Tootsies, and Swinging Doors, and I recommend checking them all out.  ACME, previously mentioned, is also on Hollywood Boulevard.  There are a dozen of leather good shops, we popped into a few but they all pretty much seemed them same.


Worth It: Belle Meade Plantation


The Belle Meade Plantation was well worth the short trip outside of Nashville.  The tour guides are dressed up in costumes for various time periods of when then mansion was being lived.  During the tour, I was in a group of about 20 other tourists and our guide dressed in a Victorian southern belle dress was full of knowledge about the history of the mansion and its grounds.  After the tour there is a wine tasting where we sampled about five different wines.  The wine tasting was a nice end to the guided tour and that after we walked the grounds to see a few of the mansion’s surrounding buildings.

A Must for the Bourbon Lovers: Nelson’s Greenbrier Distillery


If you’re interested in more tastings, there is the Nelson’s Greenbrier Distillery that is short trip outside of the city.  The guided tour is roughly 15 minutes and ends with a bourbon tasting of different bourbons that included white bourbon, a single barrel, the Belle Meade, and sherry.  The tour included some interesting history that I thought was well worth it in its own.  I’m not a straight bourbon drinker, I’d much rather have a cocktail, but my two friends really enjoyed the tasting portion of the tour, especially since I was handing over the rest of the bourbon over to them when I was unable to finish before the next tasting.

Skip It: Johnny Cash Museum 

Unless you are a major Johnny Cash fan, this museum is definitely not worth the entry fee of $18.75.  The museum basically takes you through the beginning of Johnny’s career to the end of it.  I thought it was a nice collection of things from Johnny Cash’s life and career, but was disappointed because it took less than 15 minutes to go through and I felt underwhelmed the entire time.  I regrettably wish I would have went to the County Music Hall of Fame instead, which I skipped because I thought the Johnny Cash Museum was going to be worth the look.

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